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Status Updates:

 Processing Times: Most orders are currently being shipped within 24 hours.

 Shipping Estimates: No known shipment delays, orders should be delivered on time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are you?

We're people who are passionate about vaping who want to make delicious juice at fair prices. We don't believe in putting our juice in fancy glass bottles(we're too clumsy) and fancy packaging, we believe what's inside our bottles will speak for itself. We make premium juice not premium marketing.

Where is Roosevelt Vape?

We're located in the sunny city of Phoenix. Turn up the AC!

Is my credit card and information safe?

Yes! Our website is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant which means when checking out and browsing your information is encrypted and secure.

How's your juice?

Our juice is amazing, if I do say so myself. We start with high quality flavoring using natural ingredients and USP Grade flavoring, this gives our flavors natural notes with no artificial tastes or perfumey smells. Then, we add all natural nicotine distilled from real tobacco leaves and refrain from adding any artificial sweeteners. Finally we mix it up using premium propylene glycol/vegatable glycerin and presteep it for your convience. Our Mixoligists create our unique Signature Blends that deliver unusual pairings of flavors that together transform into undeniable deliciousness. While Naked is our all natural line of juice featuring simple, one-note flavors made with real fruit. Finally, we have our MUNCHIES line which is packed full of fan favorites that are inspired by classic candies, snacks, and beverages. All of our juice is handcrafted with premium ingredients made in America. We know you'll love our juice and taste the dedication that our team delivers in every bottle.

What makes you different then all the other electronic cigarette sellers?

Many things, but the most important one is we include free stuff with every order, and not just juice, but love, affection, and eternal happiness. We also offer a no bullshit return policy, you can return any order from us within 30 days, no reason required! We want you to be happy with your order period. We process orders within 24 hours including on the weekends. No partying for us:( And we strive to carry the best products at the lowest prices. 

What delivery services do you use?

We typically use good ol' USPS (You could say we're pretty patriotic). They're quick, cheap, and actually deliver packages instead of those "sorry we missed you" slips. (I hate those things!). For international shipments we use a variety of different couriers including DHL and your country's domestic couriers. Bottom line, we'll get it to where it needs to go ASAP!

I want to learn more about vaping and electronic cigarettes, where do I start?

Well you can always shoot us a message about anything electronic cigarette. I personally learned everything about electronic cigarettes from this reddit community, they're the best and can probably answer all your questions better then I can. Could find a coupon code on there if you look hard enough too. While you're there check out vaping101 too, they're perfect for beginners.

How can I contact you guys?

Shoot us a message at hello@rooseveltvape.com

We also <3 texting (585) 348-VAPE aka (585) 348-8273 (No dick pics please!!!)




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