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How To Make Your Own E-juice, Nicotine Juice, E liquid or Whatever They're Calling it These Days

It's great seeing all these awesome folks create delicious blends of nicotine juice/e-liquid/e-juice (We really need to think of better names for this stuff) but wouldn't it be great if you could make your own? Surprisingly enough, It's actually super easy and cheaper to just make it yourself (but you should still buy ours:). Here's how: Here's what you'll need: Flavoring (You can buy flavoring online with just a quick google search) Propylene Glycol aka PG (Creates a throat hit similar to an analog cigarette and tastes sweeter, be aware some people are more sensitive and allergic to PG) Vegetable...

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How to get your Subtank Mini to Stop Leaking!

The Subtank Mini are great tanks but there is one problem that a lot of people are experiencing, they leak. Which doesn't mean it's defective or broken, it more then likely just doesn't have a nice vacuum seal inside which causes the juice to slowly seep out. No worries though, a quick clean up and bit of dental floss should do the trick, here's how I fixed mine: Step One: Unscrew the Subtank from your mod. Baby steps... Step Two: Unscrew the glass from the base and rinse out the tank using warm water. Step Three: Unscrew the coil from the base and...

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Electronic Cigarette Beginner Starter Kit

We were actually very surprised by these little, cheap ecigs. vapor production is satisfying and provides a nice throat hit that is not too extreme. The taste of vape was good but their was a slight "plasticy" aftertaste during our first day with the device, however, it has seemed to diminish after using the device for a couple days. The build quality was also very good, it feels solid all around. We knocked off one hammer because the threads seemed a tiny bit crunchy. Also the mouth piece is not removable but seems to be glued on solidly. The battery life will last...

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